Discuss! Are Energy Drinks Evil?

We’ve all had energy drinks before. From caffeinated soda to espresso to super caffeinated energy drinks, people feel the need to get that quick pick-me-up when they haven’t had enough sleep or are just not feeling up to going to school or work. Well, some people have taken steps to ban energy drinks all together claiming that they cause physical harm to the young people that they’re marketed to. Some people would even give the impression that they think energy drinks are evil while others feel that they need their energy drinks so much that they even mix them with alcohol for a better buzz.

What do you think? Are energy drinks evil or are they necessary for your life? Can you live without your energy drink or can you quit any time? Are energy drinks healthy? Do you care if they’re healthy?


2 thoughts on “Discuss! Are Energy Drinks Evil?

  1. The majority of energy drinks are not healthy, that is because of all of the sugar and caffeine that they contain. The problem with this is that there are a bunch of empty calories being put in the body, this leads to nothing but a crash 30 minutes later,

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