Discuss! What Do You Think About Pesticides?

Pesticides have been used since before 2000 B.C. to protect crops.

In their early years, pesticides were arsenic, lead, sulfur and mercury.
Pesticides can be defined as any substance or mixture of substances intended for controlling any pest.

Pesticides come in different forms including:


Biological (viruses or bacterium)



Devices used against a pest.

Many people have been trying to avoid pesticides because they think pesticides may cause side effects and health problems like multiple sclerosis and cancer but other people think that they are fine and they think that they stop crop failure, keeping the food supply going. It is also important to note that pesticides and other pest control methods are used in organic farming but organic farming does not use chemical, synthetic or poisonous pesticides.

What do you think? Are you making every attempt to avoid chemicals and pesticides in and on your foods or do you think these things are necessary for us to have a reliable food supply?

Duke it out in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Discuss! What Do You Think About Pesticides?

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