Discuss! Why Be a Vegetarian?

There are lots of reasons why people decide to become vegetarians and we decided to list some here:

Reason #1 Religion. There are religions that have strong beliefs against eating animals and there are religions that have strong beliefs about eating certain animals or even certain parts of certain animals.

Reason #2 The Environment. Some people believe that the methane gas that is produced by cows raised on corn is harming the environment, although a lot of scientists have said that more evidence is needed to support this claim, others still aren’t buying or using meat. Some people believe that certain forms of farming cause’s water pollution and that too much fossil fuel is used to ship animal products to their local grocery store.

Reason #3 Health. The vegetarian diet provides a lot of nutrients that are low in saturated fats and cholesterol that cause heart disease, cancer and other illnesses. Some people don’t want to consume the antibiotics, pesticides, hormones and preservatives that are fed to animals or injected into animals. They feel that animals that are raised in the prohibitive conditions in which some animals are raised causes the animals to become sick and develop diseases that will affect human health so this is another reason why they avoid animal products. There are also people who have allergic reactions to dairy products or they don’t digest these foods well so they avoid them like the school bully.

Reason #4 Physical/Mental Aversion. Some people are simply disgusted by the idea of consuming animal products and have a negative mental association with doing so; these people would literally gag when they think of eating meat.

Reason #5 Exploitation. Some vegetarians are completely against the idea of using animals for human gain and want animals to live freely like humans. These people are not only against eating animals but they are also against animal testing, medical experimentation using animals and wearing animals. As many of us have seen in documentaries, some animals that are farmed commercially are mistreated and raised in conditions that are deplorable, this makes some people turn to vegetarianism so they can reduce the demand for these animals. These vegetarians just want animals to be happy and they believe that farming for food, clothing, etc. makes animals unhappy so they put their money where their mouths are.

If you’re a vegetarian, tell us why you decided to make the change or if you have an opinion, tell us what it is.

-Yumm-e xoxo


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