Margarita’s – A Recipe for Yum & Fun (21 & Older Only Please)

Here at Yumm-e, we love a great summer time drink. Whether alcoholic or virgin, summer drinks add fun and yum to any party, gathering or just hanging out by the pool solo. Here is our recipe for a great Margarita.

What you need:


A Big Smile

Fresh Limes

Simple Syrup (example: 1c sugar to 1c water)

Your Favorite Tequilla

Your Favorite Orange Liqueur AKA Triple Sec


Your Taste Buds


Juice your limes into a container. Make a simple syrup by combining 1:1 sugar and water, boil and allow it to cool. Remember that all drinks are up to the taste buds of the drinkers so you can add as much or as little of all of the ingredients. If you’re having a party or other gathering, a great idea would be to set all of the Margarita ingredients out and allow your guests to do a DIY. Anyway, combine all of the remaining ingredients into a pitcher and pour them into a Margarita glass filled with ice. Last but not least, ENJOY.


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