Share It and Discuss

Hi Followers and Followers-in-Training!

Have you ever tried something that was so delicious that you just had to share it? Well, we have too and we will tell you all about it in our posts called Share It. When you get a Share It post it will give you information about something that we find so irresistible that you absolutely must share it with all of your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, lets just face it, anyone that will listen. Remember, sharing is caring so when we share something with you, we want you to share it with everyone you like and love so they can experience the joy of enjoying something that is worth trying.

We will also start having post’s called Discuss. There are political, social and economic issues that we face regarding food and nutrition so we want to raise and discuss these issues. Some Discuss topic’s that we already have posted consist of “Are Energy Drinks Evil?”, “Childhood Obesity Epidemic” and more. So, look for our Discuss topic’s and share the discussion with everyone because these things impact all of us when it comes to our health and wellness.

Enjoy the rest of your day and we will talk to you later!






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