What is Yumm-e?

Have you ever been in your local grocery store and run across a strange piece of produce like a horned melon and thought to yourself, “What on earth is a horned melon?”, “What does a horned melon taste like?” or “What kind of recipe would I use it in?” Or maybe you wondered how long you would have to endure spinning class to burn off that pint of Ben & Jerry’s Triple Caramel Chunk you just downed? Maybe you went all the way to the grocery store only to find that you forgot the ingredients list to that new recipe you wanted to try? If you’ve had any of these problems, Yumm-e is the solution.

Yumm-e is a mobile question and answer service that answers questions that are related to food and nutrition. That’s all we do. Pretty soon you will be able to access Yumm-e via text, mobile web, mobile app, online or by phone. Simply put, Yumm-e is your mobile sous chef.

You’ll use Yumm-e because its fun, it’s fast, it’s free, there’s no search time required and your question is answered by a live person who will provide you with a specific answer to your specific question. No more endless links, no more searching through limitless amounts of information and no more sifting through ad’s just to find out that you didn’t use the right search terms and have to start over.

Yumm-e is set to launch within the next 8 months but you can still show your support in a lot of ways. Subscribe to our blog, Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Digg us, bookmark us on Delicious, whatever you want. We’ll be updating this blog regularly so stay tuned for more updates and information. 

By the way, if you don’t know what a sous chef is, ask Yumm-e  ; )


4 thoughts on “What is Yumm-e?

    1. Hi Dan! Thanks for checking us out. Remember, you can follow us on Twitter (@yummeblog) and like us on Facebook (Yumm-e). You can also subscribe to this blog. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Yumm-e

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