Recipe: Indian Jalfrezi Curry Meatballs

                  Looking for a quick, delicious and different meal for last night’s game, I decided to “invent” something. I had some ground turkey thigh I wanted to make meatballs with but I didn’t want to do a classic Italian meatball. I wanted a meatball with a twist so I came up with Indian spiced meatballs. I bought some Jalfrezi curry sauce in a jar and poured it over browned balls of turkey thigh that I’d browned in extra virgin olive oil. Easy! Try some for the next game. Recipe 1lb ground turkey … Continue reading Recipe: Indian Jalfrezi Curry Meatballs

Try This! Awesome Lamb Stew

So, its winter here in Michigan and the weather outside is frightful and bone chilling and the best way to warm yourself is from the inside. The solution you ask? Lamb Stew. Its simply delicious and you can make it vegetarian style if you want. All you have to do is replace the lamb with cauliflower.¬†Page orange zest adds bright flavor to this stew that is soooo Yumm-e. As with most stew’s, its always better the next day after all of the flavors get together and say “hi”. ¬†Here’s the recipe. Lamb Stew 2T + 1t Extra Virgin Olive Oil … Continue reading Try This! Awesome Lamb Stew

Share It! Page Oranges, Sooo Yumm-e

Hi Everybody out there in cyberspace! Just want to give you guys a review of the Page Orange a wonderful little fruit that is simply the best orange we’ve ever tasted. Here is our review. We got our order about a week ago and these oranges are delicious. The top tray was full of small oranges (a little larger than a jumbo egg) so they were very seedy but the flavor compensated for the tiny size. When we got to the second and third tray there was a mixture of larger and a couple more tiny ones. The larger ones … Continue reading Share It! Page Oranges, Sooo Yumm-e

Try This! Gazpacho, a Great Summer Soup

In June 2011, we were at the Taste of Ann Arbor Festival on Main Street and as we were waiting in line for a cold drink, a vendor was shouting “Want something cold, get some Gazpacho!”. Two teen’s were behind us in line and were asking each other “What is Gazpacho anyway?”. We took it upon ourselves to educate them on the subject. They weren’t thrilled about the idea. So yesterday, we just happened to make this delicious, low-fat and super easy Gazpacho, pic’s and video coming soon. For those of you who don’t know, Gazpacho is a tomato based … Continue reading Try This! Gazpacho, a Great Summer Soup

Try This! Tender Steak, Well Done?

I love steak but when I go to a restaurant and ask for it well done, I often get cringing responses from staff. A lot of people like the taste of blood. Well, I’m not one of those people. I don’t like the taste of blood and I don’t like the texture of under cooked meat. I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone, this is not my intent. If you are like me, here is my solution to dry, overcooked steak. What you will need: Soy Sauce Fresh Garlic Garlic Powder Salt Pepper Porterhouse or other cut of Steak Garlic Press … Continue reading Try This! Tender Steak, Well Done?